Fagersta Cable Park is a project started by two guys from Fagersta.

Martin Gustavsson, who moved to Gothenburg in 2000 and in collaboration with Nicolai Pedrup runs NOCOMPLY.SE, that sells wakeboards and kite boards. They are also active in the sport of wakeboarding by national team presentation and they also put on wakeboard competitions and events.

Eric Marberg, who made the move to the U.S. official in 2004 and spends most of his time in Houston, TX, where he, with M2 Sports, is digging a cable park lake, running a wakeboard & waterski school, and organizes different wakeboard events.
Eric stays busy in Sweden as well, where he has been running a waterski and wakeboard camp at Lake Eskiln during the summers the last few years. He has also been the host and event coordinator for some of the largest waterski and wakeboard tournaments in the world.

Eric and Martin started looking into the possibilities of doing a cable park in Fagersta in the spring of 2010. Bengt Marberg, father of Eric, was the man in charge of pulling permits and the final permit went through in June of 2010. Eric has, during his years with the construction of the park at M2 Sports, spent a lot of time designing what he thinks is the perfect shape for a cable wakeboard lake. The design of Fagersta Cable Park is unique because no park in the world has this many options for obstacles. Fagersta Cable Park will be able to evolve and change throughout its lifetime, which will constantly keep the park fresh and updated.


Fagersta Cable Park is the first “Full size Wakeboarding Cable Park” in Sweden. The cable lift system consists of six towers scattered around the lake 70 to 150 meters apart. The system pulls 8 people at the same time around a “skate park” on water with different kickers and rails. A cable park is perfect for all ages, from beginners to the most extreme wakeboarding athletes.


Parken har 6 olika längder som är unikt i världen. Det betyder att det finns gott om obstacles i parken. Här nedan finns bilder på de som finns i vattnet just nu!